Welcome to the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, Szechenyi Istvan University

Széchenyi István University is situated in two cities (Győr and Mosonmagyaróvár) in the centre of Central Europe’s golden triangle: between the capitals of Hungary, Austria and Slovakia. The university provides education, as well as pursuing research in the fields of engineering – particularly for the automotive industry -, computer sciences, architecture, pedagogy, economics, international relations, law and administration, social work, medicine and health, musical arts, and agriculture. Its activities encompass training at all levels, from vocational courses, BSc and MSc degree programs to its doctoral schools and further training.

The legal predecessor of our Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences in Mosonmagyaróvár was established by Prince Albert Kazmer of Sachsen-Teschen in 1818. Academic studies are carried out in the fields of general agricultural sciences, food quality assurance and agricultural economics via four under-graduate BSc and nine post-graduate MSc programs. Post-graduate courses are also held in full-time, part-time and individual forms at a multidisciplinary (agricultural and food sciences) PhD school. New laboratories with modern equipment have been established for research and educational purposes over the course of the past decades.

There is a wide range of research and development work at our Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, in particular food process engineering and environmental techniques, animal and plant biotechnology, improvement of nutrition supply for productive livestock, environmental protection, maintaining of ecological systems during agricultural production and precision agriculture. A major goal of our faculty is to ensure the proper function of agricultural production, based on an efficient and integrated education-research-development system.


Dr. Eva Szalka, Associate Professor, Dean of the Faculty